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We here at FullyBaked headquarters feel it’s time to start fighting our own “war on drugs.” This website is dedicated to providing our readership with scientifically verified data as well as personal testimony in an attempt to break the negative stigma surrounding CANNABIS. This illustrious plant has been used as medicine going back millennia but it wasn’t until the last century that we find bands and restrictions placed on a plant that Mother Nature herself crafted to perfection.

It’s our belief that the first step to change is to start talking and what better forum to do so than the internet? Team FB (FullyBaked) is comprised of men and women blogging from across the country who come from all walks of life for two reasons.

  • Their passion for pot is contagious
  • They have shown a dedication to providing quality responsible journalism.

The Marijuana Movement is finally making the transition from an illicit drug to a burgeoning field of research related to holistic healing. The website is broken down into a number of major topics (Look at the Top of Your Browser You Stoner) and hopefully, lots and lots of reader comments. Which brings me to my next topic.

We hope that you will join in the conversation whatever your stance, just please do so in a respectful manner. Remember there’s a difference between inspired debate and raging…chill bro ;)

Together, let’s end this PROIBITION ON POT and start focusing on what really matters, quality of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, sick or healthy, naïve or erudite; all can benefit from the healing properties of cannabis.

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