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Got a pot head Mama…

Got a coke head Dad… Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a true story. Some of the details have been changed but the core remains the same. In all my years of counseling, this little girl and her bravery still haunts me. Her message is clear. Her life is proof. She was nervous, I could tell […]

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My Dog Ate My Weed

Wookie dog laid under the coffee table and stared blankly at the ceiling. It was most confusing as this is a dog who religiously met me at the door and sniffed me about my day. His playmate and partner in crime Mary Jane, a beagle mix visiting from next door, frolicked around him, occasionally sniffing […]

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Profile of a Pothead…

As I stand in line at Wal-Mart, staring blankly at the conveyer belt move my kids juice boxes closer to the cashier, the woman in front of me makes a declarative statement. “Wow…you’d think he’d have enough sense to spray some axe…” She growls with a disgusted look towards the African-American gentleman behind me. She […]

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