Cannabis Edibles! Edibles! Edibles!

cannabis edibles with brownie mix and marshmallows

cannabis edibles with brownie mix and marshmallows

I’ve been trying to quit smoking and let me tell you, it’s a bitch. The cigarettes I can deal with but there’s nothing quite like sparking up a bowl. I love the ritual of packing my piece. Find the grinder, find the pot, find the bowl, then the lighter. Not gonna lie, it’s a lot to remember. That’s why people carry baggies and boxes and plushies for your glass. Yes, I’m a Stoner Stacey sometimes and before I know it I’ve scoured the house looks for a lighter and by now I’ve forgotten where I set the grinder in the first place, shit.

So, in an effort to save my lungs and lead a healthier lifestyle I’ve decided to give edibles a go. This is arguably the best decision I’ve ever made. You have to understand that I smoke pot for one reason, to deal with pain. Chronic, grinding arthritic joint pain is something that sets my teeth on edge. What helps the pain is body buzzing effects from high quality cannabis edibles. The relief I feel isn’t just simply masking the burning, grinding, aching sensations. It feels as though my muscles can relax and stop fighting the tension caused by the jolts of pain. I can breeze through my day as though nothing were the matter while the big fat pink pain elephant in the room is out to lunch instead of weighing me down with anxious worry about my next flare up.

Edibles take a while to kick in and this takes some getting used to. The benefits of a slow climb are that the crash isn’t so much of a crash, more like a touchy landing. Another bonus is that I only need to eat one brownie and I’m more or less pain free for right around 6 hours. Almost the same as my workday…how convenient. Body buzzing feels different for everyone, some of my friends describe it as being too intense and they think their heart is beating out of their chest. I can sense it’s kicking in when I can feel my toes again. I have severe neuropathy from a pinched sciatic nerve. This can be very painful as well as affecting my reflexes in my feet. For my peeps that feel the shaky effects first, make sure that you’re eating something else before consuming your treat and DO NOT eat too much too fast. Make sure to wait AT LEAST an hour before consuming more than the recommended dosage. It’s also important to remember that edibles take longer to absorb in your system when you have food already in it. Meaning, if you ate lunch and then your brownie you can expect it would take longer to kick in than if you just ate the brownie AS lunch. Don’t do this, at least not on your first time.

Check out my article on making Canna-Oil and try this out for a smarter, healthier way to enjoy pot!

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I'm a 30 and a native Ohioan. As a cancer survivor and a chronic pain sufferer, I understand how devastating and debilitating these illnesses and conditions can be one someone's life. Most of my writings deal with medicinal marijuana use and I am trying to open anti-pot people's eyes to the healing properties of this plant.
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