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The Wonderful World of Growing Cannabis

One of the many reasons my boyfriend loves me is my sharp wit, unfortunately I’m not joking when I say I believe in a zombie apocalypse. Okay, so maybe I should say I believe in being as self-sufficient as possible in case something catastrophic does happen. Maybe I won’t have to worry about the undead […]

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Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush: Indica **** Description: Light green bud with orange hairs and nice trichome action. This bud was sticky and kind of prickly but never dry. Mine was a bit green smelling but you can definitely start to smell the earthy, tea-like terpines as it cures. This was truly a journey worth taking. I got […]

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Nothern Lights

Northern Lights- ***** Indica Accolades: Winner Pure Indica Category High Times Cup 1988-89. Overall Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup 1990. Characteristics: This was a highly manicured bud that looked as though it had been dipped in white sugar. The keefs are burnt orange in color and stand out against the dark green of the […]

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