Free Marijuana for Low Income Patients in Berkeley

Due to the recent downturn in the economy, many people are having trouble providing for themselves and their families. For some people, marijuana is a medicine they need in their dailey lives, but high prices may prevent them from getting the medicine they require. Berkeley, CA has passed an ordinance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in which they are required to set aside 2% of their product to give away to low income patients. Since the ordinance passed it has been berated as “weed welfare, but many services are given out to the poor based on income.

Individuals who make less than 32,000 a year and families who make less than 46,000 a year will be eligible for the program. These figures are often used to judge eligibility for other services such as health care, food stamps, housing assistance and school free and reduced lunch. Furthermore, many pharmaceutical companies offer “Patient Assistance Plans” that give free or reduced cost medications to low income individuals and many of the local dispensaries already give out free marijuana to low income customers. By governments and private businesses taking a stand, it may help bring marijuana more into the mainstream where it is treated like any other medicine or consumer product and as the ordinance passed unanimously, it is the will of the people of Berkley to help their low income patience get access to medicinal marijuana.

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