Greener Pastures for Green Entrepreneurs

A risk of limited growth due to policies of a single government has been the fundamental cause of overseas investment by high net worth business individuals. Traditionally, IT, Hospitality, Science and Technology sectors of different countries have been seen as a wise investment option. But, with the recent wave of legalization sweeping the Globe and readily accessible information, investing legally in the Medical Cannabis industry has started attracting the focus of Green Entrepreneurs and Cannabis Enthusiasts alike.

Although, Cannabis remains illegal in most parts of the world, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Finland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Belgium and Switzerland have a much tolerated and regulated framework when it comes to harnessing the medical propensities of the plant. Both their modern and traditional medicine systems recognize therapeutic value of cannabinoids and have been successfully running medical cannabis programs without violating any International Drug Treaties that they are signatory to.

Current laws in these countries not only support research and development, but also invite active participation of international collaborators in their economy through joint venture initiatives in developing phytopharmaceuticals targeting a broad spectrum of ailments that can be treated effectively with cannabinoid based medication.

Nutraceutical and phytocanabinoid medicine developers in these economies are generously welcoming to well drafted proposals for international collaborations through overseas capital investment ventures.

There are client specific and qualified Cannabis Business consultants too, who with a team of expert financial advisors, tax and immigration lawyers help facilitate B2B consulting for both medical marijuana stocks and investment options in established companies through out the world, they provide attractive yet genuine law, immigration and tax guidance to clients who are interested for either expanding their current medical cannabis business or looking to partner up and invest in already established companies.

These consultants help entrepreneurs to enter the industry through Investors and Entrepreneurial visa programs that are aimed at generating a specific revenue and job opportunities in a country’s economy by making investments ranging from half a million US dollars and above.

Medical Marijuana Inc. since 2013 has started expanding its overseas operations in Czech Republic, Italy and the Caribbean Islands. Recently Affinor Growers Inc., a Montreal-based company specializing in medical marijuana, offered $620,000 for 49 percent share of Good to Grow, a medical cannabis company based in Raymond, USA. On 17th July 2014 D&G Health, a New York based company partnered with Paul Benhaim of Hemp Foods Australia to introduce a new CBD health alternative Elixinol for the American market.

According to Cannabis research firm ArcView Market research, the legal market for cannabis in United States is expected to expand 64 per cent in the year 2014 to $2.34-billion (U.S.), and 700 per cent to $10.2-billion within the coming five years.

Despite twenty-three states in US permitting Cannabis for medical use, the Federal Government’s differential purview of the plant as a Schedule 1 drug is the main risk for enthusiastic overseas investors and companies. But with new efforts being made everyday by legalization groups, this situation is expected to change soon in the near future.

International diversification has proven profitable for companies and individuals who aim to surpass the limitations imposed by polices of one government and fill up gaps in this nascent multi million-dollar industry. With more countries opening up to the idea of embracing medical cannabis, greener pastures are slowly emerging to pave way for more liberalized and open market for these Green Investors and Entrepreneurs.

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