Hemp Salt Seasoning Mix

The people of Himalayas have been associated with the hemp plant for many centuries. On my last trip to Malana, Himachal Pradesh, whose name obviously is synonymous to the world famous Malana Cream, I found out that there is more to this picturesque village then just Charas. The lifestyle of people, their culture, dressing sense, food habits and even the food is completely unique to this place and has no similarity to the rest of Himachal Pradesh.

This is a simple and healthy Hemp seed and Himalayan Salt seasoning, a recipe that has been passed on from generations, and is a common seasoning used in the Malana household.

  • In a frying pan heat up ¼ teaspoonful of butter or ghee and spread the grease as much as you can
  • Take a small cup of hempseeds and put them in the already heated and buttered pan. To make sure that the seeds don’t get a burnt, slowly keep turning them from side to side. Always keep your face at a safe distance from the pan.
  • After 3 minutes of transfer the seeds to another container to cool down.
  • Take ¾ cup of Himalayan Salt, mix it with the hempseeds and start crushing them together using mortar and pestle to a fine mix.

Use this seasoning mildly on steaks, stir fries and salads; or sprinkle on any dish that you feel is a bit bland according to your taste buds, together it all adds up as a carnival of flavors in your mouth. The nutty flavors of hemp seeds blend perfectly well with the aroma of ghee or butter. You can also add your choice of roasted herbs like rosemary, thyme or dill to add some extra zing to the seasoning

The Himalayan salt aides in maintaining the optimum electrolyte balance, and the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 EFA’s in the hempseeds makes it the most healthiest vegan source of fatty acids for the body.

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