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The best investment I’ve made for myself is a kitchen timer. No longer do I have to hang my head in shame because I ignited the goddamn pita chips! I know the recipe said 10 minutes at 450! Not ‘whenever I smell carbon’ and set the temp for hellfire! It seems that every time I move to the kitchen after I poke some smoke my ADD decided she wants some coffee and a cigarette instead of checking the bacon. So I make sure to have a routine. Thank God for the French! They truly do have their own gastronomic linguistics and lucky for me they have a term for preparing your culinary space and perfect for appeasing my inner need to over articular.

Mise en place- Everything in its place.

350° 25-35 min

3-5 ripe bananas
⅓ cup melted buter
1 cup sugar
1 largeegg
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
1 ½ cups flour
Liberal pinch of salt
1 ½ cups chocolate chips (whatever you have)
1 container of Nutella for “frosting”
Sea Salt and Keefs for Garnish

This means that all your prep work have been completed. Here’s how mine starts for this recipe:

PRE-HEAT OVEN! Next get two bowls, one will be for the dry and one is for your wet. Remember, always add the DRY to the WET, this means that you will be putting your wet ingredients in the LARGER of the two bowls. Flour, salt and baking soda go in the smaller bowl. Eggs, bananas, vanilla, cinnamon, butter, and chocolate chips go in the larger bowl. Make sure that you have properly prepped the baking vessel you want to use appropriately. I love using parchment paper whenever I can because of the easy clean-up but feel free to use pam or better yet, coconut oil spray. Here’s a really neat trick. If you sprinkle kosher salt in the bottom of the baking dish you’ll end up with a very “unique” chewy salty sweet crust.

Mix! Mix! Mix! Make sure that the bananas has broken down into a goopy mess before you start incorporating the dry ingredients. A couple lumps are okay but, the bigger the lumps the longer your bread will take to set. Once I have the right consistency for the batter I dump half of the dry ingredients in and start to stir. Once the first half has made its way in I dump half of the half and start stirring some more. Last but not least the final amount of dry go into the mix and then you can pour into your prepared baking vessel. Pop this baby in the oven and set your timer for half the total baking time.

Total Approximate Bake Time

9” baking round : 30 min

Bread loaf pan : 25 min

Muffins : 15 min

Grind up a bowl of your favorite herb and blaze away! Now is the perfect time to contemplate life’s mysteries or brew a cup of magic mushroom tea. Grind up a bowl of your favorite herb but remember to save the keefs for decoration. Once your timer goes off, remember you set it for half the baking time, take a peek inside. You should see that it look half set. This is when I normally put a couple dollops of nutella around the cake. Using a knife, cut the globs into the partially set bread. This makes a nice gooey treat after it’s cooled. Replace in oven for the remaining half of the bake time. You will know when your bread is done when your toothpick comes out clean 1” from the edge of the pan. Remove when done and let cool by the window for AT LEAST 1 HOUR!!!

WARNING!: If you try to apply frosting to ANYTHING WARM EVER it will melt the hell off.

Top with Nutella, finishing salt, and keefs. Enjoy!

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