Medical Marijuana in Columbia

One of the most legendary marijuana strains out there is Columbian Gold, which is a parent of the widely bred Skunk #1, and now the country with the name sake, Columbia, is contemplating changing their stance on marijuana. This is on the heels of Uruguay fully legalizing marijuana in 2013, adding to the list of countries reevaluating their stance on marijuana in South America. This is a region that has been embroiled in a fight against the cannabis plant in recent decades, mostly at the behest of the United States.

The bill was introduced by Senator Juan Manual Galan and would lift the cap of one ounce of possession and put the distribution of medical marijuana in the hands of the government. The law was recently approved by Columbia’s president, Manual Santos. President Santos has been a strong critic of the failed “War on Drugs. Earlier this year in a Wall Street Journal interview he said, “How do I explain to a peasant in Colombia that I have to put him in prison for growing marijuana when in Colorado or in Washington state, it’s legal to buy the same marijuana?” He continues,”The world needs a more effective, fresher, more creative focus to win this war, because until now we haven’t won, and the cost has been enormous.” The cost to Columbia has been enormous. According to a report from the Yale Center for Globalization, Columbia spent 712 million on The War on Drugs between 2000 and 2008, making it a top candidate to reevaluate it’s stance on marijuana.

When Columbia lifts the cap on marijuana possession and begins to distribute medical marijuana it will not only begin to take the marijuana business out of the hands of various narco-terrorist groups in Columbia, it will send a strong message to the United States government that Columbia is no longer in lock step with Richard Nixon’s failed War on Drugs. Perhaps by putting more pressure on law makers in the US, we can follow Uruguay and Columbia’s lead and end the War on Weed in the United States.

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