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My name is NancyBotwin85 (for anonymity) and I’m about to turn 30 this January. I live in Cleveland, Ohio and for a major hospital systems here in town. I am a 7 year cancer survivior and I suffer from a centralized pain disorder. I am on a complex pain managment regiment that includes Cymbalta, Robaxin, Lyrica, Mobic, and pot. On top of surviving cancer, I also survived a year long hospital admission for septic arthritis in both my shoulders, both my hip joints, and my SI joint. That’s a lot of medical jargon for the fact that both my shoulders are trashed and I walk with pretty significant limb and the aid of a cane. I did mention that I was only 30 right.

I have been supporting myself alone for the past 5 years alone. No one pays my bills but me, if I pay them at all. J/K Sallie Mae!!! Speaking of Satan’s Minions, I current am under the thumb of “the man” and owe right around $20k for a liberal arts education I failed to complete, thanks cancer. Anyways, as you can see life has blessed me with a path that has been deep and wide, a life that is best lived through strife. Really this is just a total bullshit lie. During my one of my extended hospitals stays I have a visit from a brilliant palliative care doctor who, when asked how do you know when the pain is too much?, he responded with, “when you say it’s too much.” – mind blown

What he was getting at, I think, is that each of us needs to determine where we draw the line. Everyday I look in the mirror and decide, “This! is the amount of shit I will put up with today.” I think that’s the key to taking it one thing at a time. I have a chronic pain condition known under the term “generalized pain disorder”. What that means is that my bodies pain receptors are on overdrive. One of the most difficult ongoing battles for me is how to control this pain. What’s in my head and what is really there. First, let me say, all pain is real pain. Just because you can’t see it on an x-ray doesn’t mean the patient isn’t experiencing it. I believe that the first step to finding a treatment plan that works is to start legitimizing the pain. “Enough is enough!” I don’t have to live in debilitating pain and I don’t have to feel like I’m a gorked out zombie from narcotic medication. Pot has enabled me to not only be a functioning member of society again, it’s helped me live it with a quality of life I never thought possible with tradition pain management.

Have I ever written a blog before? Nope, but I’m guessing that you could have figured that out already. The reason I’m doing this is because I truly believe in the marijuana as medicine and I can testify as to the efficacy. I believe that by educating people on how to use marijuana responsibly and for it’s intended purpose, medicine, we can improve the quality of life for many. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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About NancyBotwin85

I'm a 30 and a native Ohioan. As a cancer survivor and a chronic pain sufferer, I understand how devastating and debilitating these illnesses and conditions can be one someone's life. Most of my writings deal with medicinal marijuana use and I am trying to open anti-pot people's eyes to the healing properties of this plant.
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