Using Marijuana To Treat PTSD in Veterans

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The University of Arizona will research the medicinal effects of marijuana on veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In March, the federal government approved the study that seeks to determine if marijuana can be used as a viable treatment for PTSD in veterans.

However, at the time of this posting, the University of Arizona had fired Suzanne Sisley, the lead researcher on the project.

Dr. Sisley is a medical doctor who previously taught at the university.

She’s treated veterans with PTSD for years.  Many of these veterans claimed marijuana was the only drug that helped alleviate their symptoms.

PTSD is a disorder that affects roughly 20 percent of veterans who’ve served overseas in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.  Symptoms include, but are not limited to, flashbacks, intrusive memories, nightmares, insomnia, irritability, guilt and self-destructive behaviors such as drinking heavily, reckless driving, and drug abuse.

Will Humble, the director of Arizona’s Department of Health Services, is quoted on his official director’s blog saying that “he authorized the use of marijuana for patients that are currently undergoing conventional treatment for a diagnosis of PTSD.”  However, he goes on to state that “marijuana could only be used for palliative care of PTSD symptoms, not for the treatment of the disorder.”

According to, “a search of the U.S. National Library of Medicine revealed 2,000 recent papers on marijuana. However, a majority of these papers explored the harm of marijuana; only 6 percent investigated the potential health benefits.”

It’s for this reason that Dr. Sisley believes her research is important for veterans across the country.

“All the countries that have vets suffering with PTSD are looking for new treatment options, so the eyes of the world have been on this study for years now and have propelled it forward.”

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