The Wonderful World of Growing Cannabis

610One of the many reasons my boyfriend loves me is my sharp wit, unfortunately I’m not joking when I say I believe in a zombie apocalypse. Okay, so maybe I should say I believe in being as self-sufficient as possible in case something catastrophic does happen. Maybe I won’t have to worry about the undead knocking on my door…maybe. Even if the second coming doesn’t happen in my lifetime I still think it’s smarted to learn how to provide as much as possible myself. This would include skills like hunting, canning/preserving and yes, horticulture. I’ve never been blessed with a green thumb and in the months leading up to this experiment of growing cannabis indoors I have literally killed everything I’ve touched. STOP JUDGING ME!! It’s because I’m too impatient and like to over feed everything, including myself :) Growing is a hobby where the enjoyment is found in the journey.

I’m lucky enough to have two extraordinary men in my life that would do pretty much anything to keep me happy. They would be my cousin and my boyfriend. These two are quite a pair and don’t even mind when my cousin’s girlfriend (and my best friend) and I start commenting on their man-love sessions in the basement together. When this project started, my cousin went to our local hydroponics store and got an Emily’s Garden, some aerator stones, a water chiller, a Hanna meter, and a hood with T5s bulbs in it. Now, I have a duel media setup with in a temperature and humidity controlled positive pressure room. That’s what a master in science gets you, I guess. Like I always say, the proof’s in the pudding! We now have a beautiful indoor garden that has, you guessed it, cannabis as our many event.

We decided to start like three separate strains together, this was a horrible idea! Don’t do this, like ever. Thinking ahead is critical when you are dealing with timelines. It’s also important to pregame and know what the signs to look for are when it comes to what your plants need. Let them talk to you, become one with the plants. Remember, a healthy plant is a happy plant! Right now, we’re on the final week of vegetation and before you know it! 12, 12 baby! In the world of indoor growing, this is when the time line really starts. Exposing a plant to 12 hours of dark sends it into the transition phase between vegetation and flowering. It is essential that no light enter your room during the 12 hours of dark, this is because your little baby guys are transporting and storing their sugars produced throughout the night into the formation of buds. Nice fat, thick buds!

As the last few weeks of flowering are upon us I’d like to chronicle some of the ups and downs of our first growing season. Hopefully these tips will stop you from making the same mistakes we did. Enjoy and happy growing!

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I'm a 30 and a native Ohioan. As a cancer survivor and a chronic pain sufferer, I understand how devastating and debilitating these illnesses and conditions can be one someone's life. Most of my writings deal with medicinal marijuana use and I am trying to open anti-pot people's eyes to the healing properties of this plant.
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